First days in Berlin at Freie Universität

I made it to Berlin three days ago to begin orientation with ISA study abroad and yesterday was the first day that I went to the university to kick off orientation week. There are around 150 international students who will be along with me in the FU-BEST (Freie Universität-Berlin European Studies Program). I will be taking intensive German language, European Traditions in Sociology, and Europe in the Global Economy.

As part of my ISA orientation, I had the pleasure of touring this amazing, cosmopolitan city. Berlin is so diverse and full of life. Our program director said that in Berlin, you can be whomever you want to be.

Iv’e thoroughly enjoyed my time here in Berlin thus far, and hope that the good times continue for the rest of orientation and through the first day of class, next Monday!


top to bottom, left to right: Deutsche Reichstag, Berlin TV Tower, Berlin Cathedral, Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe, Humboldt University, Memorial to the millions of books burned by Nazi Germany


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